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Industrial tires


Industrial tires are the right choice for all giant vehicles working on construction sites and in the mining industry.

By and large, OTR tires have to feature three basic properties:

-  High level of puncture resistance.

-  Good traction on difficult terrain.

-  Stability even under the heaviest possible load.

According to the technology of manufacturing, there are two types of industrial tires:

-  Radial


-  Bias 



The radial tire revolutionized the world of tires and offer great advantages in terms of the diagonal as follows:

-  Lower fuel consumption.

-  Greater productivity. More of your machines power is actually used.

-  Reduction in tire replacement thanks to the longer service life of

   radial tires.

-  Greater comfort for users.


Selecting the appropriate tire for the needs of the user requires more experience and knowledge of the expert.

Continental Industrial Pneumatic Tires provide comfort on all surfaces and therefore offer the protection of people, goods and material in many transporting and lifting tasks. The pneumatic range is complimented by a wide crossply range which offers excellent price performance ratio in general and specialist industrial applications.

Solid Tires are best for tough applications on slow vehicles or trailers with a high risk of impact and damage.

They are extremely stable, puncture-resistant, and maintenance-free. Solid Tires have a high loading capacity and are extremely economical. This makes them ideal for forklift trucks, airport vehicles, heavy-duty transport vehicles, platform trucks, and other industrial vehicles.

These tires are commonly used at airports and seaports, logistics centers, and industrial applications. Industries where a clean environment is of paramount importance (e.g. the food and pharmaceutical industry) can use the non-marking version (Clean Solid Tires). They are also highly stable, puncture-resistant and have a long service life. But additionally, they are especially designed for minimum floor marking in a clean industrial environment.

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Mitas is a Czech-based manufacturer of off-road tyres (agricultural, industrial, motorcycle). The history of Mitas dates to the 1930s, when tyre production started in Prague, then the capital of Czechoslovakia, and in the Moravian city of Zlin.

Mitas currently operates three plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia and one in Charles City, Iowa. Besides these production facilities, Mitas has an extensive international sales and distribution network operating in 14 countries, including the United States. Mitas manufactures and sells tyres under three brand names: the company’s own Mitas and Cultor, and Continental under licence. The Czech-based tyre manufacturer which has an annual turnover of €450 million (2012) is one of the top European producers of agricultural and construction equipment tyres.

The Mitas brand offers a comprehensive range of radial and cross-ply tyres for tractors and trailers and a wide range of industrial, multipurpose tyres (MPT) and earth-mover tyres (OTR). Mitas branded tyres are intended for worldwide distribution as part of original equipment by machinery manufacturers.

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The Alliance Tire Group is a leading entity in the global Off-Highway Tires business.

The company owns 2 manufacturing plants, one in Hadera at Israel and the other in Tirunelveli, southern India.

Their mission is to be one of the tops 3 global market leaders in Agriculture, Forestry, Construction tire segments (AFC) and to build a strong presence in niche earth-moving tire segments such as Port and Underground mining.

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