MOTOCENTAR - Прв избор за гуми

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Aмерикански производител на гуми за моторни возила. Основана во 1915 година во Акрон, Охајо. Одделот за гуми беше продаден на Continental во 1987 година.

Michelin occupies a key position on all tire markets. Cars, two-wheel vehicles, trucks, construction machinery, tractors, aircraft…Michelin provides innovative solutions for the different operating conditions corresponding to each vehicle. Heads: the world leader in tires. Tails: a preferred partner among players in the automobile industry. If someone says Michelin to you, you reply…tires! But the group’s know-how also plays a role in providing expertise and advice to constructors and equipment manufacturers.

Continental We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable Thanks to our core competencies, products and services, we, together with our customers, improve the safety, comfort, and fun of driving.With our products, technologies and processes we significantly contribute to sustainable individual mobility. Performance is our passion Delivering trend-setting innovations, high performance products, quality without compromise and out-standing services to our customers is what motivates us in all our business areas. Combining technological, ecological, economic and personal aspects of performance makes the difference at Continental. Creating value is our driving force With our products and services we create value for our customers, business partners, shareholders as well as for our employees and society in general. Profitable growth and consistent cost management in all business areas are the basis for our success.

A tire designed for city cars, sedans, and vehicles for transport of passengers. Reliable in every situation. Excellent performance and safety on wet roads. Exceptional durability of tires.

For over 140 years, Pirelli has challenged the boundaries of technology, style and sustainability, setting trends across the world. Credited with developing the world's first high performance, low profile street radials, Pirelli has become an established Original Equipment tire supplier to many of Europe's top vehicle manufacturers' sportiest vehicles.

Гумите Davanti се развиваат и произведуваат од индустриски експерти кои користат напредна технологија за гуми со врвни перформанси, ефикасност и удобност.