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Tire hotel

Where to store your non-seasonal tires?



Motocentar offers you a store service of your summer/winter tires. We all are facing a shortage of space to keep things that we do not use every day. Seasonal tires represent a major investment and therefore we should keep them responsibly. The storage of tires requires adequate conditions in order to maintain their quality, shelf life and ready to wait for next season.

Save space and keep the tires in a safe place

Saving space. If you belong to that group of people who do not have a garage or basement, then this service is ideal for you. The tires are stored on special shelves, protected from sunlight, moisture and harmful chemicals.


In Motocentar all tires are insured against theft and fire. You do not have to worry if your tires will be found at the place where you left them.

Until the new season 

Before storing tires are cleaned of mud and stones. Motocentar took the responsibility for your tires. The tires will welcome you ready for the new season.

Receiving and recording of tires 

Once we receive your tires, we record the following data for the same ones:

-  Manufacturer and model of tires

-  Date of manufacture of tires

-  Identification number that is unique to each tire

-  Tread depth

In order to prolong the life of the tires, it is necessary to be stored in a specially equipped room.

During storage, the tires are cleaned of mud and stones. Then, they line up on the special shelves, protected from sunlight, moisture and harmful chemicals (gasoline, oil, etc…) which can cause an adverse reaction on the tire.

All tires are insured against fire or theft 

It is a great responsibility to have over 10,000 tires kept in our store, so all tires are insured in the insurance company Triglav Insurance AD Skopje.