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Vulcanising service


Installation and balancing

Installation of tires represents a manual setting of tire on the rims. In this process, negligence or non-professional handling can contribute to serious damage to the tire.
Balancing the tires is a process for balancing the weight of the wheels, which is usually achieved by using the so-called balance weights. If the wheels are not properly balanced instability occurs already at a speed of 70 km per hour.
In Motocentar installation and balancing services are offered free with every tire purchased. These services are performed by a highly qualified staff with the most contemporary equipment for installation and balancing.

Nitrogen pumping

Nitrogen as an inert gas has more suitable properties than oxygen, especially at higher temperatures. In order to maintain the properties of tires at large temperature variations, it is recommended the nitrogen filling of tires, especially in summer.

The advantages of nitrogen filling of tires are numerous, as follows: increased durability life of the tire, reduced fuel consumption, as well as greater safety and ride comfort.

Repairing tires

The repair of tires depends on the extent of damage to the tire. If we estimate that the damage is greater, then it is recommended replacing the old tire with the new one. Usually the repair of tires is made with patches, which can be caused by cold or hot vulcanization.
To repair the tires by highly qualified staff in our trade-service salons, the vulcanizing equipment and tapes are used exclusively from the world renowned manufacturer TIPTOP.